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Thursday, June 19th 2008

Our Prayers Are With You Dr. Davis

The immediate past president of the American Medical Association has pancreatic cancer. At the annual meeting I just rolled back from his address at the opening session of the House of Delegates was…very touching. The second hand accounts online don’t really do it justice but here is the WSJ Health Blog on it and the AP piece.

In an upbeat, sometimes funny and at moments poignant, emotional 45-minute speech, Davis talked about his life and how it has changed, both good and bad since his diagnosis. He spoke of his hopes for the future, his own and that of his fellow doctors and their patients. And he talked about legacy — his and that of everyone listening to him.

“So, whether we are ill or well, we should not waste any of that time before figuring out how to leave our mark on this planet,” he said.

My prayers are with Dr. Davis and his family.

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