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Tuesday, June 10th 2008

Presidential Candidates' Health Care Plans

Health care, something I was sure would be the primary domestic issue this election is slowly fading away as it usually does. Not into oblivion obviously but taking a decidedly back seat to the more pressing economic issues facing the country. But it is important and people should take the time to distinguish Obama’s and McCain’s plans for health care in this country.

Like many professional/specialty organizations the AMA polled the presidential candidates (before Hillary’s bail) about their health care plans. It is little more than a venue for the campaigns to harangue to those who like to pretend they’ll actually cast their vote based on the nuances of the issues. I wonder what intern got to drum up the answers, considering I doubt Senator McCain even knows what HIT is,

HIT is essential to the success of my proposal. It amazes me a health economy of over two trillion dollars that epitomizes advanced technology has an underdeveloped HIT infrastructure.

I’m afraid we’ll have to give the old gent a pass on all health care issues considering his confused opinion on autism and vaccines.

Back to the point at hand, the AMA’s little fluff publication does at least summarize some of the differences between McCain and Obama and you should go read it for that reason. I’ll spare you an analysis now, although I’d like to put individual ones for both candidates up once I am done with psych (and third year in general). Such analysis will be a little redundant as there are already great resources out on the web. If you’re pressing to read more, right now on the two candidates health care plans I encourage you to check out The Health Care Blog’s look at both Obama’s and McCain’s plans.