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Sunday, August 3rd 2008

Grand Rounds

I’ve been very frugal with my blogging of recent. Posts have been far and few between and pretty sloppily put together. I apologize. I’ve been on a neurosurgery sub-i for the past month. I’ll refrain from calling my time on service ‘work’ but it did necessitate a huge time commitment at the hospital.

It should all get better soon though. I’m taking some time to study for the USMLE Step 2 and to work as a teaching assistant in our gross anatomy labs before I head off for a couple more neurosurgery rotations (when blogging again may get a little scarce).

In addition to posting at From Medskool I’ve also been gifted the reigns of Grand Rounds. Nick Genes put a ton of work into making Grand Rounds the premiere medical blog carnival. I really want to keep it strong and even work towards improving its profile. Indeed, I was really excited to see this comment about Grand Rounds in a recent Los Angeles Time column highlighting doctor blogs,

For physicians of a certain age, the weekly teaching session known as grand rounds is a ritual steeped in formality and tradition. Presided over by the profession’s graybeards, grand rounds are attended with white coats on and clinical details in hand.

Here, young physicians learn to accept their elders’ old-school admonishments with reverence and humility.

Grand rounds on the Internet, however, is another thing altogether. A weekly compilation of the Internet’s best medical blog postings, it is part classroom, part locker room, part group therapy session and part office party — a free-wheeling collection of rants, shop talk, case studies and learned commentary (along with the occasional recipe, movie review or vacation slide show).

This rotating Internet roundup, hosted each week by a different medical blogger, is the center ring of a colorful and growing circus of blogs written by medical professionals and posted for all to see. It is making the practice of medicine more transparent to patients and, at the same time, raising ethical questions about safeguarding patient privacy.

I think one of many things Grand Rounds does is give voice to all of those with stakes in the health care system. I feel confident the medical blogosphere can respect patient privacy while contributing to the way healthcare professionals communicate amongst each other, patients and the public.

Backtracking let me offer a little description of Grand Rounds. Grand Rounds is a weekly blog carnival highlighting the best of the medical blogosphere. It rotates hosts who solicit post submissions from providers, students, patients and anyone interested in medicine who blogs. The hosts are highlighted in a ‘Pre-Rounds’ column every week on Medscape.

Grand Rounds is always looking for hosts and guidelines for hosts can be found on my Grand Rounds page. If interested in hosting please shoot me an email at grandrounds@gmx.com