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Sunday, August 31st 2008

I Am Happy To Be Here

It Is Sad Part Of My Personal Philosophy Is Summed Up In A Commercial

I truly believe we live, as a society, in a State of Fear. Politicians, media, religious groups and others all play off of it. It is a pessimistic, depressing view of the world. The theme is: everything is to be feared; tomorrow is going to be terrible unless you do what I say.

What bullshit.

Now, I have my personal religious faith. But even if there was nothing else, existence is amazing. There is something incredible to even being part of the universe. Even if your personal time is fleeting there is something tiny, nearly unmeasurable, but tangible in you having been. Think of how huge the universe is and yet, to have witnessed what I have in this tiny, tiny part of it that I can behold is amazing. The fact you are even here reading this is a wonderment. It is incredible.

Not to get all morbid or stoic or eastern. How could just a single day of consciousness not be worth death even if there was nothing else to follow? To witness even the mediocrities of life, even the hard parts and the suffering, is a gift and nothing less.

We really have to stop taking the world around us for granted. There should be so much optimism rather than fear. Oh well, I guess our predilection for pessimism is and of itself a pretty interesting and cool thing to ponder and wonder over.