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Tuesday, November 4th 2008

Kim Jong-Il(l)

The Real Question Is If He’s Even Still Alive?

The reclusive dictator of North Korea hasn’t been seen in a while. He recently missed a major military parade, which was just another step in many national spying agencies calling into question his health. Now word is spreading that his son has recruited a French neurosurgeon to travel to North Korea.

New doubts over the health of North Korea’s “Dear Leader” have arisen after Kim Jong Il’s eldest son was filmed in Paris apparently soliciting the services of a top brain surgeon.

The footage, shot by the Japanese Fuji Television, has rekindled conjecture that Mr Kim is gravely ill and has possibly had a stroke.

The footage shows a man, identified by North Korea watchers as “undoubtedly” Kim Jong Nam, entering a Parisian clinic for a discussion. Two days later, an unnamed French doctor was filmed arriving at Charles de Gaulle airport in a car owned by the North Korean mission to Unesco. When asked, the doctor did not deny that his destination was Pyongyang.

There are obviously too many reasons why one would need a neurosurgeon to start speculating on Mr. Kim’s health. However, going over the conjecture The Times makes that Mr. Kim may have had a “stroke.”

If Mr. Kim has had a stroke and we’ve reached a stage where surgery may be a necessity then the North Korean dictator is at a dire point. A decompressive craniectomy or digging around to remove an intraparenchymal clot or performing a “strokectomy” to decompress, make it very unlikely the dictator will ever return to rule over North Korea, assuming he is to survive.

It may be quite a while before more substantial word on Mr. Kim’s condition (or even word of his death) out of the most closed society on earth.