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Sunday, November 30th 2008

The Future of From Medskool

I haven’t been updating with a lot of regularity recently. Such can be explained by the interview trail. So this huge and massive udpate of From Medskool may come as a surprise. If this is your first time here I’ve recently redone the entire theme. I really have updated everything about the site, including the back end with a new WordPress version, new plugins, updated SQL and all of that.

From Medskool has been going for more than three years now. I find that pretty remarkable. It is a cathartic piece of work, verbose and eccentric and poorly optimized for search engines and just generally not focused on building the biggest readership possible. It started out at Blogger before moving here to this hosting solution and URL provided by Blogs About Hosting.

I had an amazing custom WordPress template created by E. Webscapes and LeeAnn Wildermuth. It was incredible, especially considering how specific I was in my request and price they quoted me. But, in more than two years I mucked around with it, added trinkets, deleted things and before you knew it the tempalte was messed up. Beyond me being able to fix it by myself.

The fact is I’m about to graduate medical school. And while I’d like to continue this blog the title, and that first custom template and some of the themes I cover in my posts will have to change. I imagine my posting will get significantly less frequent as well.

What I want to do, what I’m planning to do, is to go back to E. Webscapes for a new custom design. I’d like to add some new features that promote a more community feel to the site. However, there’s no point in doing that until after I graduate and see what my future holds.

Until then, I’m pretty excited about this new redesign based off the free Mimbo theme. The theme was created by Darren Hoyt and I’m always extremely grateful for designers who put their stuff out for all to use. It has more of a magazine feel.

I encourage you to keep reading and see what the future holds.