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Sunday, August 30th 2009

The English Surgeon

The English Surgeon opened at the London Film Festival last year. It follows Henry Marsh, an English neurosurgeon, and his long standing work in the Ukraine. It’s gotten touching reviews and I’d love to see it. Ah to be in San Francisco or New York or Los Angeles. Well it’s saved to my Netflix queue for now. Here’s Geoffrey Smith talking about the film.

Saturday, August 29th 2009

Back To It

Four months ago I dropped off the face of the internet. I had been writing for nearly four years on a blog entitled From Medskool, first at Blogger and then on a hosted domain with a custom WordPress theme. It was a cathartic, personal endeavor that was often meandering I admit. But it had some staying power, some longevity. Four years is nothing to sneeze at in terms of blog-age.

Im A Talented Artist Amongst Other Things

I'm A Talented Artist Amongst Other Things

And then it vanished. It was more of a fluke than anything to be honest. I simply was out of the country, away from the internet and email and I failed to pay my hosting company. It turns out it was a needed break as I transitioned from medical school to residency.

Now I’m back to it.

I’m a surgical intern with an interest in neurosurgery and healthcare policy, amongst other things. I help run the day-to-day operations for Grand Rounds and write a weekly column for Medscape entitled Pre-Rounds.

I imagine this blog will cover whatever my heart fancies but may tend towards surgical and neurosurgical cases, healthcare policy, politics, neuroanatomy, and personal stories from residency. There is a custom theme pending and I hope to have my archived posts from From Medskool back up and part of the blog soon. The continuity will make the site more lively and fun; interesting to see how my opinion and voice has changed over five years. I encourage you to keep coming back, to comment and to get involved with the medical blogging community; including Grand Rounds.

It’s good to be back.