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Saturday, August 29th 2009

Back To It

Four months ago I dropped off the face of the internet. I had been writing for nearly four years on a blog entitled From Medskool, first at Blogger and then on a hosted domain with a custom WordPress theme. It was a cathartic, personal endeavor that was often meandering I admit. But it had some staying power, some longevity. Four years is nothing to sneeze at in terms of blog-age.

Im A Talented Artist Amongst Other Things

I'm A Talented Artist Amongst Other Things

And then it vanished. It was more of a fluke than anything to be honest. I simply was out of the country, away from the internet and email and I failed to pay my hosting company. It turns out it was a needed break as I transitioned from medical school to residency.

Now I’m back to it.

I’m a surgical intern with an interest in neurosurgery and healthcare policy, amongst other things. I help run the day-to-day operations for Grand Rounds and write a weekly column for Medscape entitled Pre-Rounds.

I imagine this blog will cover whatever my heart fancies but may tend towards surgical and neurosurgical cases, healthcare policy, politics, neuroanatomy, and personal stories from residency. There is a custom theme pending and I hope to have my archived posts from From Medskool back up and part of the blog soon. The continuity will make the site more lively and fun; interesting to see how my opinion and voice has changed over five years. I encourage you to keep coming back, to comment and to get involved with the medical blogging community; including Grand Rounds.

It’s good to be back.