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Thursday, November 5th 2009

Tax Credits For Health Care

HT to reddit for linking to the OB&G in turn linking to the following appearance on Anderson Cooper and to Paul’s effort to prohibit a health insurance mandate and to his effort to give a 100% tax credit to all Americans for health care expenses and to his effort for national tort reform.

To call Dr. Paul’s ‘Comprehensive Health Care Reform Act’ reform, as the word has become common lexicon in Washington, would not be fair. The tax credit Dr. Paul proposes would probably do little to broaden health care access for those with current mediocre care. Even with the tax credit we probably don’t reach a place where most Americans can continue to fund an increasing percentage of their health care out of pocket. As well, as with most of Dr. Paul’s impressive proposals, it is a political non-starter. I think cutting government spending by dramatic levels is a noble goal, and such would be required to give all Americans 100% credits for every health care dollar they spent, but it certainly isn’t politically feasible. No matter how many Tea Parties are hosted.

[zdvideo width=480 height=385 theme=simple2 border=yes]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mj7DOmPRoFc[/zdvideo]

It doesn’t mean that the proposal isn’t a good one. As I’ve said I’m not sure our goal should be increased coverage; that we should be so fascinated with these kind’ve global health care outcome measurements. That health care should be a social concern. Certainly it shouldn’t be one with a government vested interest.

Essentially reform, as it is thrown around in Washington, calls for a trade of liberty for some ill defined right to health care. I’m not comfortable with that. And I understand, and concede, that only government intervention will improve these utilitarian metrics used to grade ours and all health systems. I understand, and concede, that only government intervention will further health on a population scale. But what it is going to cost, in terms of a further broadening of the role of government and an erosion of the right to property, to get that ‘universal’ access and to improve these numbers is unacceptable.

So I’ll continue to cheer on proposals like Ron Paul’s.