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Saturday, March 20th 2010

A Welcome Back With Good News

Intermittent, spotty posting is no way to run a blog. It has been a month since I posted anything; probably explains my Google Analytic numbers of recent. Luckily, I return with pretty incredible news.

Most incredibly, I’m engaged to a beautiful and wonderful girl. Off the market ladies, I apologize. I don’t know how I convinced her to marry me but she’s so far above and beyond what I deserve that I can’t ever imagine coming off this high.

In addition, about a year ago this time I did an interview with a Wall Street Journal blogger during which I was meandering and only at times coherent. I excuse myself for that, I had recently learned that I did not match after participating in the National Residency Matching Program. The interview was on the process of medical students become residents and physicians in the match and, in my case, the scramble.

I’ve spent nearly nine months serving in a general surgery preliminary residency spot and going through the residency match once again. This time with much better results. I’m going to be a neurosurgeon. Sure the path forward is rough and lengthy, but I’ve cleared a major hurdle.

The Sex Appeal Isn’t That He’s A Neurosurgeon, It’s That Hair

Anyway, I’m back to posting and I hope readers will return to reading.