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Saturday, April 3rd 2010

The World Is Just Awesome

Life is incredible.

Consider that the thesis of this post. It is a rehashing, I’ve posted a post similar to this before, but since I continue to be lucky to be alive and because I can’t find that original post I’ll rehash the point of it.

I’m sorry to share a commercial for a television station to make my point but the ad expresses a truth wrapped in a production quality that I can’t find elsewhere.

It is a beautiful day outside, I am so lucky and blessed to be alive. And while I’ve been comparatively blessed the whole of my life and, only in brief truly experienced suffering, as it should be defined when looking at the range of human experience, I feel comfortable in claiming the impressiveness of humanity.

The fact that life or the rest of the natural world or human achievement somehow seems common place is depressing. The universe is incredible and wonderful. The mere fact life exists at all is something amazing. I think that a single day of life, even one filled with suffering, would be worth it for the observations and the experience in general.

I love the whole world.