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Wednesday, January 12th 2011

The Post Call Vibe

I don’t know what I owe my sleep bank but it must be something substantial.

I probably fall asleep anywhere, anytime in less than 2 minutes and usually a matter of seconds. I wonder if it borders on pathologic, as do people around me who have witnessed me fall asleep on a dime.

That said, my constant state of fatigue obviously has it’s ups and downs. And I have trouble picking out exactly what makes me really tired. There seems to be poor rhyme and reason to it.

For example, I’m post call right now. I got no sleep on call last night. It was just one of those nights where the consults rolled in kind’ve intermittently and included an emergency cranial reconstruction and multiple sick patients. I’ve noticed, on nights like this, around two or three in the morning I hit a wall. But there’s a point where the circadian rhythms kicks in and you start feeling better as the cortisol levels rise.

That’s certainly enough to carry through the morning.

What I wonder however is why, some days, I feel like collapsing and exhausted again as my time awake approaches thirty, thirty-five, forty hours and why some days, I may not be crisp, but I feel relatively functional even well into my post call day.

Today I came home post call and took a two hour nap but awoke and I feel good now as I get ready to sit down for dinner. Granted I’m functioning on a lot of caffeine but I’m just not sure why today a two hour nap did it for me and my next post call day I may come home and crash for 12 hours straight.

Not that I’m not going to sleep well tonight probably.