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Sunday, March 6th 2011

A Voice In Residency

I’ve been thinking a while what I imagine this blog to be. Initially I imagined it focusing on issues in residency, health care policy and neurosurgical study pointers and cases. The latter has failed to materialize and I’m not sure I truly want that to be a focus of this blog in anycase. The first two have been the primary topics I’ve posted on. But I’ve done so haphazardly with my schedule as a neurosurgical resident. And while I vow to improve that, I think what would really make this blog better, to turn it into something unique, is to give away some of the responsibility for it.

I would love this to be a group blog featuring residents from a variety of specialties and to focus on unique issues in residency amongst other issues in medicine. A focus more towards complaints, pointers, tips and daily musings on life in residency.

I imagine 4-5 authors posting 2-3 times a week (or more frequently) each. I’m looking for individuals who have an interest in social media and sharing the resident experience and who feel they can give the committment to such despite their schedules. Otherwise I’m looking for a variety of view points.

This idea is, to be fair, on the encouragement of my beautiful fiancee. She’s an internal medicine resident at current and I’ve recruited her along for the ride. Anyone else who may be interested in this or who has questions about just what I’m envisioning should contact me.