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Tuesday, August 23rd 2011

Litigation And Complaints And Malfunctioning Hips

A New York Times article looks at rising complaints concerning metal on metal hip implants.

Now excuse my ignorance on the subject but it appears the major offenders in this piece had experiences that pre-dated their availability in the United States without incidence. What I mean is that it appears the high rate of complications and failures is limited to the United States as compared to, say, Europe. That may reflect some clinical difference such as surgeon training or patient selection or something along those lines.

But I wonder how much the litigious culture of the United States works to either:

One, bring these issues truly to light so that perhaps the complications with these hips happen just as frequently elsewhere but it goes under reported without the culture of broad civil court


Two, how much these problems are made hyperbolic by the same culture.

There are literally dozens of these videos on YouTube. Is there something comparable in say, Germany?