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Tuesday, January 10th 2012

Physician Hourly Earnings

The primary care-specialist income gap isn’t new. But here‘s more data on it:

$100/Hour and More
Neurologic surgery: $132.33
Radiation oncology: $126
Medical oncology: $114.21
Plastic surgery: $113.78
Dermatology: $102.68
$80 to $93/hour
Cardiovascular diseases: $93.74
Gastroenterology: $93.27
Neurology: $92.52
Emergency medicine: $87.47
Obstetrics and gynecology: $83.40
$66 to $75/hour
Neonatal and perinatal medicine: $75.86
Psychiatry: $72.24
Pulmonary diseases $71.67
Pediatrics $69.24
Child and adolescent psychiatry: $67.36
$58/hour and less
Family practice: $58.25
Internal medicine: $58.18
General practice: $57.55

From the future top the discrepancy is ridiculous. For a spine surgeon to be making more than 275% more per hour than some primary care physicians is ridiculous. And you know my opinion is sincere because I used the same adjective twice.

The trouble is I don’t think what the neurological surgeon earn is outrageous or unreasonable. The primary care physician just needs to be earning more.