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Monday, May 21st 2012

A Surgeon Is A Surgeon

A Laredo dentist is on the hot seat for Medicaid fraud and practicing medicine without a license. Insurance fraud is an everyday thing unfortunately and worth a further post. What I find incredible though was the dentist’s defense of his cosmetic surgery procedures – including tummy tucks and breast augmentations,

The dentist argued that he was “qualified to perform the challenged procedures because he is a surgeon and, under the Texas Medical Practice Act, ‘the terms “physician” and “surgeon” are synonyms,’” according to court documents. But in August 2009, he “pleaded guilty to seven counts of the third degree felony offense,” reported the Fort Worth Star-Telegram in a blog post accompanied by curious artwork. He received a five years in prison for those crimes, but had his sentence suspended and was placed on probation.

I suppose he has some know how and it certainly does not rise to the level of this incredible story I read last year from Florida.

A transgender woman in South Florida faces charges of practicing cosmetic surgery without a license, after police say she injected an unwitting patient’s buttocks with a handful of unsafe substances, including tire mender Fix-A-Flat


The injection took place in a residential setting, where Morris shot a mix of cement, glue, mineral oil and tire sealant into the woman’s buttocks

The “practitioner” in this case was paid $700 for a butt injection; an attempt at a fuller behind for cosmetic reasons. Needless to say the patient required hospitalization. A part of my libertarian side says we should open up the practice of medicine. As a patient you should be able to cipher through the claims of all practitioners, go over their creditionals and if you want to pay someone to do something to you, then go for it. Then you read stories like the one from Florida and rethink it.