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All I Learned In Med School...

I’m currently a neurosurgical resident. Earlier in life I was sure I wanted to be a screenwriter and I went away to USC’s School of Cinema-Television Cinematic Arts. Film school is awesome, no doubt, but I soon realized that for a career I wanted something a little more substantial. Such led me to medical school. Following my M.D. I did a year of general surgery training before matching into neurosurgery.

I still love film. I still love to write. Maybe those things will come later.

Works Every Time

Beyond film, writing, and neurosurgery my interests include healthcare policy, international travel, politics, current events, college football, soccer, cigars, classical history and video games.

Residency Notes is the continuation of a blog, From Medskool, which ran for four years from me learning of my acceptance into medical school until late in my fourth year. My blogging represents a relatively cathartic effort. Attempts in the past to make it more focused and accessible have failed and I’ve learned to accept that.

In addition to Residency Notes, in the past I’ve helped Nick Genes run the day to day operations of Grand Rounds. I previously wrote a weekly column for Medscape entitled Pre-Rounds and at Medscape’s student blog, The Differential. My posts at times appear on Kevin, MD and The Health Care Blog.

I promise not to stray into actual patient info and not to ever give out medical advice. None of what I discuss on the site should be considered medical advice. Currently I have no relevant financial relationships to disclose.